Spring Special


[Spring Special] 

$100 off the {wedding weekend} package

I am excited to share with you all my spring special with 114° West Wedding Coordinating. I have been so blessed to chat with some amazing brides already but would love to offer a special on the Wedding Weekend package if you book in March or April. Check out my {wedding weekend} page for more info on what this package includes.

Prospective brides, why hire a day of coordinator?! I can only speak from personal experience that at my wedding last August this would have been the one thing that really made the weekend run smoothly. I felt that my mind was in 100 different places and where I really wanted to be was relaxing by the lake [and focusing on my soon to be husband]. Instead I was organizing the rehearsal and then that Saturday I was preoccupied wondering if all the vendors were taken care of and had figured out where to be. Don't get me wrong the day was amazing and I look back on it and know that it was the most magical day of my life. I do know that for me [a planner by nature] I would have been a lot less stressed and much more focused on what mattered if I had someone there who I knew was taking care of what needed to be done!

So spread the word that I am offering a spring special of $100 off the total package if you book in March or April!! :)

xoxo Court