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I have been wanting to share this outfit for a few weeks now! I'm absolutely in love with this oversized shirt from Harlow (by Otis and Maclain) and wear it way too much. Paired with a loose fitting jacket and ripped jeans and I am ready for a night on the town playing trivia with my family (we tied for second!!!). 

I want to talk with you all about hats this winter. In Whitefish, it is the norm for a girl to throw on a beanie when her hair is a bit wild and I want to encourage all you cold weather women to pick up another hat (something with a little structure) and wear that instead! I added a few of my favorites to this post for you to check out (in all different price points!). 

Have a beautiful day! 

xoxo Court

shirt: Harlow (found online here) | jacket: H&M | hat: San Diego Hat Company (similar options I love here, here, and here)  | jeans: 7 for all Mankind | boots: Target ( check your local store for Sam & Libby Booties similar here) | lipstick: MAC

photos by my amazingly handsome husband :)

Hello Friends

I have missed this. Blogging and sharing fun outfits with you, showing you tidbits of my life and things that are going on in my mind and on my heart. Life has been a whirlwind of change, looking back I can't believe where I am but am not surprised because God has such amazing things planned for us when are blindly following him. When we take chances and fall he is there to catch us and he brings people to surround us who make us not just happy but look more like him. I am excited to be back at this thing called blogging and hoping to inspire you to look into your closet with excitement and maybe even sometimes look a little deeper at yourself and your heart. 

I want to add a few new ideas to my blog and even a new business venture so stay tuned in the next week weeks. I am excited to work with old friends and make new ones. If you have any fun ideas or you want to collaborate let me know I am always up for a coffee date to talk about new ideas!

Looking forward to sharing this next season of my life with you and the outfits that make up my every day :)


This outfit has been one of my favorites this winter partially because of the winter color tones and partially because it is comfortable yet classy (info on where the items are found it is below). These photos were from our first Thanksgiving! It was so awesome to have Brooke and Roy Peterson (Brooke Peterson Photography) join us this year and celebrate everything we have to be thankful for and we took a little time to sneak away and take Christmas card pictures! 

xoxo Courtney Baker <-- Yep thats a new last name :)

sweater: Anthropologie  | jeans: old Harlow (similar & great deal Here ) | shoes: TJ Maxx (similar Here & Here ) 

Summer <3

Hope Kauffman, 114west, Montana, Whitefish, Style Blog

This has been my summer go to outfit! When it is time to play I want something relaxed, especially if I am going to be near the lake or river. I picked up this Great Northern Brewing Company hat for the summer to throw on with a side braid and not have to worry about having funky lake hair :) . Sometimes in the summer, girls think less clothing is more comfortable and cuter but I really love this baggy shirt with a little longer shorts! I still feel super pretty and even a little sexy without showing my body off to the world.

Someone asked me the other day where I get my shorts (because finding good shorts is so IMPOSSIBLE) and I told them my favorite place is Madewell. Because up here, in the North, summer is but a glimpse we really do not need many pairs of shorts so I chose to invest in a couple pairs that I wear all the time!


Flannels have become my new "hoody" this summer. They are so incredibly comfortable and are not as heavy as a sweatshirt but still keep you warm when Montana nights turn cold! This one is one of my favorites from the mens section at Target!

This was a very fun, relaxed, shoot at my soon to be house!!! (yay I'm getting hitched)!!! Hope from Hope Kauffman Photography came over and we had a blast taking kind of hick photos and laughing a lot! 

xoxo Court



denim on denim

Brooke Peterson Photography 1.jpg
114west, Brooke Peterson Photography, Whitefish Montana, Courtney Ferda

One of my favorite clothing mixes is denim on denim. It doesn't matter if it is light with dark or even light with light (stay tuned to see this in my fourth of July outfit) I love mixing them. I think the struggle for most girls is that it can come across super "country", so one way to battle this "country look" is to add blingy jewelry and heels, or some sort of bright color and print. In this post I added one of my favorite necklaces from The Village Shop to dress up this denim on denim combo. Necklaces like this can also be very intimidating because they are so huge, sparkly and, dare I say it, fake! It took me a long time to feel comfortable wearing it in public (because I truly felt everyone was looking and judging me on my fake diamonds) but once I did it was an item I like to call a compliment seeker (something that EVERYONE comments on and compliments). Now I love it and wear it all the time!

I have missed you all and my blogging has been sporadic (planning a wedding and starting a new career can do that to you) but I am excited to get back into it and share some of my favorite looks this summer. Hopefully you will feel inspired to copy one or two of them! 

XOXO Court

Photos by Brooke Peterson Photography

114west, Brooke Peterson Photography, Whitefish Montana, Courtney Ferda
Brooke Peterson Photography 3.jpg
114west, Brooke Peterson Photography, Whitefish Montana, Courtney Ferda
Courtney Ferda, 114west, Montana Style, Brooke Peterson Photography

SHIRT & JEANS- tj maxx JEWELRY- the village shop SHOES- The Toggery

Forest and Black

Brooke Peterson Photography, Montana Style Blog, Whitefish Montana,

Maxi skirts are one of my favorite clothing items to wear! They work great  for winter or summer and all you have to do is switch up your tops! Many times with this skirt I will wear a chambray shirt with it in the winter  ( and even leggings underneath if it is really cold :) ) but in the summer I like to pair it with a unique tank! This one was from Harlow and I loved the lace detail. It was flattering and hit at just the right spot. I think that many times when girls wear maxi skirts we feel like we have to wear them really high on our hips. What is most important is that you match it with your body type, if you have a natural waist then you wear it right there, if you don't (like me) then you can use a skirt liked this to create a waist! 

Brooke Peterson Photography took these pictures and I loved how they turned out! Montana has greened up so much and summer is coming! Wedding countdown is at 87 days (can you tell I am excited!!!!!!)

xoxo Court

Brooke Peterson Photography, Montana Style Blog, Whitefish Montana,
Brooke Peterson Photography, Montana Style Blog, Whitefish Montana,
Brooke Peterson Photography, Montana Style Blog, Whitefish Montana,
Brooke Peterson Photography 3.jpg
Posted on May 28, 2014 .

neon summer

Brooke Peterson Photography,, Whitefish Style Blogger, Montana Style Blogger, Harlow

In honor of it being over 55 degrees and sunny for three days in a row, I wanted to share this adorable romper from Harlow in Whitefish. The bright colors and unique fit is what drew me to it in the store and I wanted to show how a properly fitting romper looks. I see many girls wearing them and they look so uncomfortable because it is either too low in the front or showing off their booty. This romper had the most comfortable material and I loved how it fit so loosely and hung correctly. I paired it with my favorite sandals from Target!

Enjoy the sunshine!

xoxo Court 

fun photos by Brooke Peterson Photography

Brooke Peterson Photography 7.jpg
Brooke Peterson Photography,, Whitefish Style Blogger, Montana Style Blogger, Harlow
Brooke Peterson Photography 1.jpg
Brooke Peterson Photography 8.jpg
Brooke Peterson Photography,, Whitefish Style Blogger, Montana Style Blogger, Harlow