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Somedays all I want is a comfy sweatshirt and a pair of jeans, this outfit fulfills that desire while looking pretty dang cute! I was stoked when I saw that Harlow  had started carrying Wildfox and I knew I wanted to wear this sweatshirt. It would be perfect for a summer night with shorts or like I wore it, with patterned pants. Sweatshirts don't always have to be a pullover or a zip up, don't be afraid to get a cute and comfy shirt like this. These camo pants are a favorite of mine, I found them at TJ Maxx and was so excited when they fit perfectly. Living in Montana I always struggle with how to incorporate camo (because it is actually useful here :) for things other than looking cute) and thought I would always look like a poser (since I don't hunt). But I love these pants and would encourage you to look through your local TJ Maxx and see if you can find a crazy good deal like I did. 

My parents bulldog Abraham decided to make his first blog appearance and Brooke (from Brooke Peterson Photography) did an amazing job capturing some pretty dang cute pictures. I am getting so excited to work with Brooke on our senior photo project coming up! Check out her info.

I hope you have a beautiful day!

xoxo Court

Sweatshirt- Harlow ( Wildfox online) Pants- TJ MAXX (7 for all Mankind) Glasses: TJ MAXX

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Brooke Peterson Photography, 114west, Style Blogger, Harlow in Whitefish, Montana Style Blog, Courtney Ferda
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rain and shine

114-west.com, Courtney Ferda, Montana Style Blogger, Style Blogger, Whitefish Style, Brooke Peterson Photography
114-west.com, Courtney Ferda, Montana Style Blogger, Style Blogger, Whitefish Style, Brooke Peterson Photography

This is one of my favorite outfits for spring. By pairing this dress with a chunky scarf and jacket, it is still warm, but makes me feel like spring is coming. Even though I have my "montana white skin tone" I have started opting out of wearing leggings.  This dress is actually a sleep shirt from Target ( I love how comfy and baggy it is). Don't be afraid to look for dresses in strange places like the sleep section at target :) . The boots are Sorels and perfect for winter/spring, I am completely in love with their little red heel and the the ankle hight! Thanks Brooke Peterson Photography for the fun photos.

xoxo Court

DRESS- Target  BOOTS- Sorel JACKET- Tiffany Blue SCARF- The Village Shop

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114-west.com, Courtney Ferda, Montana Style Blogger, Style Blogger, Whitefish Style, Brooke Peterson Photography
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future mr & mrs

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I wanted to share with you all the pretty engagement pictures that Brooke Peterson Photography took of David and I. It was such a great day in Glacier Park, around -5 degrees, but we kept it warm with awesome blankets and hot coco. I loved how these pictures turned out, we really wanted to keep the look simple without many props or "special settings" and really capture the beauty of the area we live in. David and I both wore plaids from Target (I love the men's plaid shirts, they fit great for girls also). The cream blanket with the stripes was one of my favorite blankets we collected, from Davids parents, it is called the Pendleton Glacier Park Print and he is parents were given it for their wedding! David made me laugh all day with silly jokes, I am seriously one blessed girl and super stoked to marry this amazing man this summer! 

I hope you all enjoy the pictures :)

xoxo Court

114west, Montana Style Blogger, Brooke Peterson Photography, Glacier Park, Engagement Pictures
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114west, Montana Style Blogger, Brooke Peterson Photography, Glacier Park, Engagement Pictures
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114west, Montana Style Blogger, Brooke Peterson Photography, Glacier Park, Engagement Pictures
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114west, Montana Style Blogger, Brooke Peterson Photography, Glacier Park, Engagement Pictures
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114west, Montana Style Blogger, Brooke Peterson Photography, Glacier Park, Engagement Pictures
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114west, Montana Style Blogger, Brooke Peterson Photography, Glacier Park, Engagement Pictures
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Last week my friend Cara and I had this idea to get some awesome Whitefish High School people together and do a fun prom photo shoot to promote a giveaway from Mum's Flowers. The pictures turned out amazing, thanks to Tyler Brown, and Cara outdid herself again, creating some amazing floral pieces.  Hope you enjoy the pictures and to all you people going to prom, have a blast and don't forget to call Mum's (862-2757) or stop in after school. Thank you Marlow, Caroline, Cody and Tommy for your help and for being such great models :)

xoxo Court

p.s: Girl's I challenge you to be different and do an awesome flower crown! They are so beautiful and totally make you feel like the most beautiful princess ever :)

giveaway info

Mum's Flowers is giving away 2 FREE PROM PACKAGES {1 corsage + boutonnière} to one lucky guy and one lucky girl!

To Enter comment on this blog and your name will be added into the drawing! 

#mumsforprom2014, Courtney Ferda, 114 west, prom, Mum's Flowers
#mumsforprom2014, Courtney Ferda, 114 west, prom, Mum's Flowers
Tommy your face here is priceless.

Tommy your face here is priceless.

#mumsforprom2014, Courtney Ferda, 114 west, prom, Mum's Flowers
#mumsforprom2014, Courtney Ferda, 114 west, prom, Mum's Flowers

406 Women Magazine Article- Transitioning Outfits

Hey everyone! I thought I would start sharing with you all my 406 Magazine articles on my blog! Here is the newest from February and March. Hope you enjoy! Photography was done by Brooke Peterson Photography. Check out her web page (click here) or (click here) to learn about our Senior Model opportunities! 

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Transitioning between seasons is an important part of Montana fashion and style. We spend plenty of time in February and March looking out our window each morning to see if it’s another snow boots day or if just maybe we’re lucky enough to pull out our favorite summer flats. I know I look forward to wearing boots but then by February I am ready to move into a more spring look. This blog post today is about transitioning outfits, how you can move an outfit from a chilly winter day to a warmer spring afternoon.

            My name is Courtney Ferda and I started this blog a year ago this month, it has been a crazy adventure but so much fun. The New Year has been a great opportunity for me to reflect on everything that has happened, but also to look ahead to where this adventure may be taking me. I named my blog 114° west after the longitude of my hometown, Whitefish Montana, which is one of my favorite places on earth. Much of my style inspiration comes from the attention-grabbing textures, stunning views, and crazy weather patterns that happen here. I remember a year ago looking at other blogs, girls in LA and New York, wearing denim and native prints; girls in beanie’s with flannel shirts and wondering why someone had not started a blog in Montana. Obviously, daily style has been impacted by the West, and I decided to take a chance and try and show people what Montana Style looks like, showing all the unique and special details that our beautiful state has to offer.  I have loved sharing with you all my favorite looks and style ideas along with some people that I think dress pretty awesome. One of the biggest blessings has been working with local photographers and shops, making new friends and having tons of laughs along the way. This past fall I was chosen as one of H&M’s style ambassadors, helping spread the word about their new online options (a highlight of the past year!). It set me on the right track for the months following, including being invited to write for this awesome magazine.

            Please welcome my friend Anna to the 406 Magazine family. She is one of the most lovely people I know and I always am captivated by the outfits she comes up with. You cannot describe Anna’s wardrobe without using words like distinctive, beautiful and colorful. She joined me to set out to show a new way to transition your favorite styles from winter to spring! These outfits are totally different but show how you can take a basic outfit, either a dress or pants and a button up, and change up the accessories just a bit to morph the outfit from a cool winter outfit to a warmer spring option. I chose to use one of my favorite items in my wardrobe, my chambray button up shirt, and pair it with a pair of dark denim jeans (never be afraid of mixing denim with denim, just make sure that the colors of denim are far enough apart!). For those cold days I paired it with an awesome Pendleton jacket I bought at the Village Shop in Whitefish on a huge discount (spring is the time to check out your local shops looking for some sweet end of season savings!) and a chunky knitted scarf. Boots finish off this outfit and I chose a comfy pair that can match with basically everything in your wardrobe. These are my go to item for cold winter days, because I can wear a pair of comfy wool socks and stay toasty all day. Anna chose an awesome leopard print dress from Target to dress up for winter with a leather jacket and knee-high boots. I love how she added the long socks with her boots to give more dimension and also add warmth for a cold winter day. Her dark lipstick is a great choice for any outfit, and doesn’t wash you out in those sunless winter months.

            When looking to transition an outfit from winter to spring make sure you choose lighter options for jackets and tops. This green jacket from H&M has become a staple in my wardrobe; you can find me wearing it a few times a week with everything from pants to dresses. Pairing it with a light scarf like this yellow one helps with those warm spring days. I was so excited to pull these wedges out of my wardrobe and wear them today. Wedges are a great option for Montana women in the spring because of the many rainy and slushy days that can leave girls wearing flats wet and cold. Anna removed tons of layers for her spring look and just wore this unique dress. Long sleeve dresses are awesome for transitioning to spring in Montana because many days it is still not warm enough to wear a t-shirt or tank, so having a sleeve is a must. She also kept the boot theme rolling but transitioned to a boot with a heel that is not quite as tall: cooler for those warm spring days, but with the support and height you need to dodge those spring puddles!

            It is time to start putting away those long coats and warm hats and switching it up for lighter jackets and fancy scarfs. Transitioning from winter to spring can be a frustrating time in this beautiful state we live in, but I believe in you! For more ideas and inspiration check out my blog at www.114-west.com .



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will you be my valentine?

Happy Valentines day everyone :) This blog post was so much fun to do and Hope Kauffman was amazing capturing some beautiful images. I am so excited we finally got to go out and shoot together because last time we tried it was -20 degrees and neither of us felt like standing outside in the cold! When she came to pick me up yesterday it felt like we had been friends for a long time, she is so comfortable to hang out with. Such an awesome and talented woman with so many dreams. I love hearing about her adventures and we spend most of our time talking creative and laughing! She just moved back to the area after being off traveling and studying, and is seriously incredibly talented Click here for her blog and here for Hope's Facebook page!


This dress is so incredibly dreamy that I felt myself wishing I could wear it at my wedding. The colors are perfect for a romantic night out and I am thinking I may need to get it for a few of the weddings I am attending this summer ( if you are getting married this would be an AWESOME rehearsal dress). It is so soft and comfortable yet incredibly striking and classy, and I love the black detail on the sides. This dress is from Harlow in Whitefish and I kept telling Hope yesterday that someone needs to go in and buy this dress! So if it is you, PLEASE message me, because I would love to know the owner of this beautiful gown. I love how Becky carries such unique pieces like this. Sometimes it can be intimidating to go and try to find a longer gown, and if your looking she has some awesome options! Please head in there today and pick up something for your date tonight (she has 20% off of everything PINK and RED today)!!!


This second outfit is a bit more practical for every day wear. I am obsessed with this men's flannel shirt from Target. It has become one of my go to pieces because it is so soft and a bit longer than many women's flannels I have tried. Adding red tights like this is an easy way to dress up for Valentines Day without feeling like you are all done up! Especially if you are having a relaxing night at one of your favorite go to restaurants where you don't really want to wear a gown or a sparkles. This long sweater is also from Harlow and is one of my favorite layering pieces. I was drawn to the length and how it lays around the bottom.

cf7 (1).jpg

I hope you have a lovely Valentines day doing whatever you are doing! We are having a big family dinner tonight at one of our favorite restaurants! I am excited to spend my first Valentines day with my fiance (it's still kinda strange using that word) !!

xoxo Court

p.s: Thank you Cara from Mum's Flowers for the pretty flower for my hair! She is crazy busy today getting beautiful flowers out to everyone. Call her if you need a bouquet!