My name is Courtney but my friends call me Court I am 27 years old and love hanging with my husband and two cats [greg & murph]. I am a mommy to Nellie May, who is spending her days walking with Jesus and watching us from above. 

This is a photo fashion journal of my adventures and style. My home, Whitefish, is located at 114° west longitude. It is a small town located in Northwest Montana and its beauty is my daily inspiration. I believe in a purpose bigger than myself and am in love with the Creator of the universe. I think community with women is not about finding and hanging with girls who are just like you. It's about creating moments where grace & laughter shine through our differences and teach us to love better. I believe that community is [unique] and needed.

This blog is full of fashion, colors, patterns, textures, and moments that inspire me daily. My friends, family, and faith are the light of my life so they will pop up from time to time. 

xoxo Court